Supply Chain Management consists of all parties directly or indirectly involved in the supply of items to a customer. If poorly managed problems such as rising costs, poor relationships and ultimately loss of profits can occur. However we can teach you the techniques to avoid this.

In many organisations the supporting supply chain is not sufficiently aligned to the company’s strategic goals and objectives to create success. We have created the Pathway to Supply Chain Management specifically to address this shortfall. It has been designed to give business owners the skills to develop supply chain strategies that will make strategic goals attainable.

If you have experienced any of the following;

  • No documented or generally understood supply chain strategy
  • Supplier lead times are increasing
  • Having to hold inventory due to unreliable suppliers
  • High levels of SLOB (SLow moving OBsolete) stock
  • Excessive stock outs
  • Poor forecast accuracy—or no forecasting at all

…then we can help you.

What topics do the workshops cover?

  • Supply Chain Strategy and Business Strategy
  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Principles of Supply Chain Management
  • Introduction to Purchasing and Procurement
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Supplier and Contract Management
  • Purchasing Strategy and Leadership
  • Principles of Negotiation

How can the consultancy help my business?

  • Maximise overall value generated
  • Look for sources of revenue and cost reduction
  • Meet consumer demand for quality and cost with minimal lead time
  • Build an efficient supply chain thorugh effective suppler development
  • Become more aware of supply chain dynamics and how they affect efficiency
  • Reduce system wide cost of company to satisfy service level requirements
  • Achieve world class performance are purchasing and supply chain consultants for releasing shareholder value and improving bottom-line performance. In addition enable successful outsourcing and cost reduction programmes as well as supplying project management and interim management support.

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The support we have had has been invaluable. We would have pushed ahead with the plans to grow, but it would have taken us much longer. The support provided by Colin Hanson-New means we can accelerate which is good for us and the local economy.
Scott McEwan
Nuneaton Roof Trusses Ltd


Supply chain strategy focuses on driving down operational costs and maximising efficiencies. Having an effective supply chain strategy enables the establishment of how you work with your supply chain partners, including suppliers, distributors, customers, and even your customers’ customers. As the marketplace becomes more competitive, it is critical to reinforce existing relationships and work together. And for all these reasons, we will help you develop a well-executed supply chain strategy resulting in value creation for your business.