A major issue that many companies face is that their business strategy has not been developed robustly enough to meet the future sustainability of their business.

Business strategy is about being clear about where you are now (current), where you want to be (future) and how you get there (the journey). In order to understand and develop a relevant growth strategy you need to know who are your potential customers, what they perceive as value, why they should buy from you and, how you should be organised as a business to deliver them what they want.

In short, what is your target market, what is the value proposition and the operating model. This needs to be supported by an understanding of what makes you competitive.  This all needs to be set in the context of a shared vision and purpose for the organisation. In essence, what you are here for.

This understanding forms the basis for building your thinking and developing your strategy.

Your business strategy defines your company’s intent. In essence, it’s a promise – a promise that defines what your organisation intends to deliver to its customers and the marketplace. A poorly defined or constructed business strategy can seriously affect your ability to meet that promise to your customers and can ultimately result in a loss of profits.

We have created the Pathway to Strategy specifically to address this shortfall and help you put clear, defined strategies in place to strengthen your company, attract customers and promote growth.

Depending on your preferred method of learning, support can be provided in the form of one-to-one consultancy, coaching for your team or through workshop style courses as a part of our core skills programme.

The consultancy and core skills programme has been designed to give business owners like you the skills to develop a unified business approach that will make your strategic goals attainable.

What problems will the Pathway to Strategy solve in my business?

  • Any non-existent or unclear strategies on the long-term direction of the business
  •  Uncertainty about current marketplace positions
  • Inability to respond to customer demand
  • Rising costs
  • Loss of profit and market share

What can the workshops teach me?

  • How different levels of strategy design can influence the future of your organisation
  • How having a clear and defined business strategy will benefit your organisation
  • How business strategy can directly affect and influence your supply chain
  • The main techniques to achieve effective strategic  management


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The support we have had has been invaluable. We would have pushed ahead with the plans to grow, but it would have taken us much longer. The support provided by Colin Hanson-New means we can accelerate which is good for us and the local economy.
Scott McEwan
Nuneaton Roof Trusses Ltd


“Through our experience, we have learned that developing a clear, concise business strategy is the key to addressing your issues of future sustainability. We can help you to make sustainable improvements which benefit your bottom line.”