Improving Competiveness in the Supply Chain


FEE – £350 + VAT (includes tuition, course notes, refreshments and lunch)

Our Improving the Competitiveness of Supply Chains course will enable you to review and explore the efficiency and effectiveness of your supply chain. We will show you a variety of techniques and methodologies which allow you to identify and achieve improvements in business performance in your supply chain.

This course is for anyone who has a role in developing and implementing supply chain improvements. You will create your own plans for enhancing the effectiveness of your supply chain and, through doing this, serve your customers better by adding value and the delivering or cost reductions to your organisation.

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the dynamics of supply chains
  • Understand the main methodologies that can improve supply chains
  • Be able to develop a plan to achieve competitive advantage in supply chains
  • Understand the main techniques for suppler development to improve supply chains.

Course Content

Supply Chains and Supply Management

Supplier chains and networks/ Supply chain management/ Structuring supply chains and networks/ Value-adding supply chains.

Infrastructure and Processes

Perspectives on added value/ Aspects of organisational structure/ Process mapping and management/ Managing the sourcing process.

Approaches to Supply Chain Improvement

The relationship spectrum/ Collaborative model of supply chain improvement/ Competitive model of supply chain management/ Outsourcing/ Globalisation.

Total Quality Management

Defining quality/ Approaches to quality/ Managing service quality/ Total Quality Management (TQM).

Performance Data Management

Performance measurement/ Introduction to statistics/ Statistical Process Control (SPC)/ 6-Sigma, Creating Continuous Improvement.

Developing Supply Chain Improvement

Just in Time (JIT)/ Lean and Agile supply chains/ 5S in the supply chain/ Business Process Re-engineering/ Benchmarking

Pursuing Competitive Advantage

Competitive strategy/ Relationship advantage/ The relationship lifecycle/ Supplier relationships/ Creating partnership sourcing arrangements.

Pursuing Cost Advantage

Cost and price analysis/ Pricing arrangements/ Supplier incentives/ Cost reduction activities/ Supply base optimisation/ Value analysis/ Value engineering.

Collaborative Improvement and Innovation

Cross-functional working/ Input to design and development/ Supply chain innovation/ Technology transfer/ Supplier Development/ Supplier appraisal systems/ Balanced scorecards.

Technology Tools

e-Procurement/ e-Sourcing/ P2P systems/ Developments in technology.