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In recent times, companies have come to realise that their supply chain is much more than the cost of getting products into customers’ hands. These companies understand that it is the supply chain that translates corporate strategy into day-to-day interactions both internally and externally of the organisation. Ultimately, it is the supply chain that satisfies or disappoints their customers.

Melrakki Consultancy Services provide coaching and consulting in Supply Chain, Lean and Business Strategy to help your company in the identification of its barriers to growth. We also provide the training, skills and tools you need to overcome those barriers and sustain your company’s growth for the future.

Our methodology includes on-site support and training by which your staff will learn through practice and direct implementation by the development, integration and deployment of Lean in the organisational strategy. We will involve of all staff in the process of business transformation and drive the continuous removal of waste or non-value added activities. Working together to create value through cost reduction, delivery time and work in progress.

We will assess the process of managing your business and examine all the elements, methods and systems from supply chain to human resources. We can develop and implement an action plan specific to you; determine the necessary training to give your employees and conduct monitoring to ensure that new processes are maintained over time.



We have one goal in mind – to help you increase your bottom line.


What we offer
We offer business owners and directors practical guidance and training to help grow your business on to the next level.


How can we help you
Whatever business challenges you face, we can help. We have worked in companies just like yours and know the problems and challenges that you face when trying to grow your business. We will help you to identify those issues which are affecting your companies performance and restricting your potential for growth.

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A clearly defined business strategy will help you focus on your business goals and attract customers.

Lean Manufacturing

Identify non-added value activities, reduce lead times, release capacity and improve quality, costs and delivery.

Supply Chain

Learn the techniques to achieve effective strategic supply chain management and improve supplier performance.


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